My hobbies


I used to be crazy about phones (I still am 😉 ) and Samsung Galaxy Note Series was one of my favorites. I owned Note 2 (twice), Note 3, Note 5, Note 8 and now Note 10+. My craziness towards Note phones and especially the S-pen drown me to doodling. Here are some of my doodles.


I don’t call myself a model. In India, a model must have a stunning face and chiseled body. I know I don’t have both. But a friend of mine (Subodh Sathe) didn’t agree with me. In 2012, when I was doing my masters in Nagpur, he asked me (told me) to act in a launch video he was shooting for his Marathi rock band called “ASMI”. Somehow with my poor acting skills, I did the job to his satisfaction. After that, he clicked me on several occasions and posted my pics on To my surprise many of my pictures get sold for which I’ve received many Sauji Parties from Subodh 😛 . My pictures were featured in many advertisements from top brands like ICICI Prudential, Accenture, L&T Infotech, Just Dial, Dinshaws, etc. One of my pics also got featured in Just Dial app advertisement with Mr. Amitabh Bachhan.


I love to sing since I was a kid. That time I was bold enough to sing in front of anyone. I used to sing “Papa Kehte Hai” from the movie “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1998)” with a toy guitar pretending I’m playing and singing at the same time. My boldness died with the age, but the idea of singing and playing guitar along remained alive in my heart. I took up the real guitar playing in 2010 with the help of YouTube tutorials and now I’ve my own YouTube channel for guitar beginners. It’s like my childhood dream come true 😎 .