Nano development board

  1. Compatible with Arduino Nano v3.0
  2. On board testing
    a. digitalRead() using switches
    b. digitalWrite() using LED, buzzer
    c. analogRead() using LDR
    d. analogWrite() using LED, buzzer on PWM pins
    e. Interrupts using switches
  3. Supports
    a. μSD card module
    b. NRF24L01 module
    c. DS1307, DS3231 RTC modules
    d. HC-05, HC-06 Bluetooth modules
    e. ESP8266 ESP-01 module with on board flashing
    f. Rotary encoder module
    g. Nokia 5110 GLCD displays with common anode and common cathode backlight
    h. OLED I2C display modules
  4. Available on
  5. Codes available here

AF Motor shield

  1. Compatible with Adafruit’s motor shield
  2. Capable of driving 4 DC and 2 servos or 2 stepper and 2 servos
  3. Supports HC-05 or HC-06 Bluetooth modules
  4. Available on
  5. Codes available here